So anyone who follows along regularly with what's going on around the web has probably seen this shirt before. I first discovered it on Attack of the Show! I would not normally consider this to be a very fashionable or fantastic shirt. In fact, it reminds me of many of the shirts I have to dig through at local thrift shops to find the unique and amazing shirts I go there for. However, this shirt is SOOO popular!! and why you ask?? because of the totally ironic and hilarious reviews that people have left about it on Amazon!!! After reading all the hype about it on various other blogs, I almost wanna get me a Three Wolf Moon shirt!!!! And I totally think it could actually look really cool if done right haha. (and I had a crazy obsession with wolves as a child..... maybe I still do?)

Purchase your VERY OWN Three Wolf Moon shirt here.

It even has it's own Wiki page!!!


thisgirlbeck said...

yes, i do actually own a wolf howling at the moon t-shirt. I actually got it as a gift from my great aunt who for some reason thinks i have a fascination with wolves..???? well i definitly do now


Jess said...

Dude, if there is ANYONE I know who could pull off the wolf shirt, it is most def you! You just gotta rock it and love it.

P.S. Corey had a shirt almost identical to this when he was a kid! No lies.