boycott the circus.

Olivia Munn is one of my FAVE peeps!! And here's a gorge poster of her supporting a super cause (the elephants that is). I don't entirely subscribe to PETA's logic or actions, but I do think that the mistreatment of animals in the circus is an important cause to make people more aware of. Check out her link, and boycott the circus!


Rafa FTW!

Rafael Nadal won his 6th straight Monte Carlo Masters! ♥ Onto the French Open, I can't wait! Nothing beats grand-slam tennis!!
He has good style too ;)


today i studied outside.

blaaaahh..... can't wait 'till school is done!!! Then I'm off to Europe for 6 weeks!

The hole in the fence where all the rabbits come in and eat all our vegetables!!


stormy weather.

Sorry I've been slacking haaard on the blog!! I've just been so busy finishing up my last year at Uni. Anyways, here's a gorge editorial by Peter Lindbergh, featuring Anna Selezneva. Enjoy!

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