So anyone who follows along regularly with what's going on around the web has probably seen this shirt before. I first discovered it on Attack of the Show! I would not normally consider this to be a very fashionable or fantastic shirt. In fact, it reminds me of many of the shirts I have to dig through at local thrift shops to find the unique and amazing shirts I go there for. However, this shirt is SOOO popular!! and why you ask?? because of the totally ironic and hilarious reviews that people have left about it on Amazon!!! After reading all the hype about it on various other blogs, I almost wanna get me a Three Wolf Moon shirt!!!! And I totally think it could actually look really cool if done right haha. (and I had a crazy obsession with wolves as a child..... maybe I still do?)

Purchase your VERY OWN Three Wolf Moon shirt here.

It even has it's own Wiki page!!!

montana fire.


gold in the sun.

something about this look.

There's just something about this look that I am completely in LOVE with!!! The colours, the pants, the jacket!! <3


i'm back!

So I went to Europe. I've been home for about a month now, but have been severely slacking on the blog. Anyways, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things now, and here are a few pictures I took of one of my favourite places! Lisbon, Portugal.


espresso and dessert in the narrow streets

chorizo cooked with fire right in front of you

at night the streets are filled with people. it is actually customary to go into the bar, buy your drink, and then immediately take it outside

♥ Lisboa