Smythe coat.

One of the most amazing coats I've seen all season by Smythe. And of course it's spotted on the always stylish Rachel Bilson. Love her. And the coat. Where can I get one?

via TrueNorthStyle





I'm absolutely loving these overalls from Jean Paul Gaultier's spring collection.

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snowy day in february.

It snowed all day!! So I took a few pics as it slowed down for a bit.

I found a bud!!! SPRING is coming!
Heading back inside to warm up.



VOGUE does Alice.

I stumbled upon this editorial today (here) and couldn't waste any time posting it as my obsession with Alice in Wonderland grows and grows!!
This is an old editorial from VOGUE US in 2003, but it's still perfect!!!
Photographed by the always amazing Annie Leibovitz.

Thanks to La Dolce Moda where I first found this, and TrendLand, where I found a few more pics.


I went shopping this weekend and got a couple hands full of new and old favourites! Colour colour colour for spring!!!
On the left is a new matte nail colour by KnockOut called "Liberty", and on the right is "Tart Deco" by Essie.

A peek into my eyeshadow bag - Yes, I have a bag just for eyeshadow, doesn't everyone?

And these are the new colours I got from M.A.C. The colours aren't that accurate here though. The ones in my bag are a lot closer to what they actually look like. For example, the bright orange in my makeup bag is "Rule", and the turquoise is "Steamy," so beware if your shopping online!

Have a good Sunday!! 



Let's not waste any time... these are my favourite!!!! If I could get my hands on one of these claw cuffs by Pamela Love, I'd be one cheery gal!

The rest of her stuff is pretty boss too.