I went shopping this weekend and got a couple hands full of new and old favourites! Colour colour colour for spring!!!
On the left is a new matte nail colour by KnockOut called "Liberty", and on the right is "Tart Deco" by Essie.

A peek into my eyeshadow bag - Yes, I have a bag just for eyeshadow, doesn't everyone?

And these are the new colours I got from M.A.C. The colours aren't that accurate here though. The ones in my bag are a lot closer to what they actually look like. For example, the bright orange in my makeup bag is "Rule", and the turquoise is "Steamy," so beware if your shopping online!

Have a good Sunday!! 


La Dolce Moda said...

love ur blog:) really cool pics& posts

I adore the liberty nail polish, have one just like it!
great blog,

PS. if you can, check out: http://www.ladolcemoda7.blogspot.com/

Jess said...

Every girl needs a bag just for eyeshadow. I've definitely got one. Now you just need to sit down and play with it!! I want to see some pics of you in some wicked make-up! BTW, as you've seen on many of my bdays, I usually always get MAC, but I also got a pallette last summer from coastal scents. It's 88 colours, around $20 plus shipping US. I friggen love it. I use it every single day. The colours are just as bright and awesome as MAC. Just an FYI. You may want to check it out as something to have around the house. The individual colours are smaller than mac, butlast forever! There's matte and shimmer. I have matte, but I'm going to order the shimmer when I get back to Canada. Here's a link:


P.S. holy long comment. oops! haha