a few things that made my day.

White Ginger Peach tea from the Tea Haus. I drink nearly a gallon of it a day!

I LOVE CINNAMON!! I put it in almost everything I can... oatmeal, chili, rice, spaghetti sauce. It just makes things taste so much more special.

I used to love this little elephant figurine as a girl because it reminded me of the one from the movie the Secret Garden.

My new fleur de lis key ring that I got for $5.


Melita said...

i love tea! the fleur de lis key ring is adorable (especially for $5) - what a find! love your blog. hugs!!

Jess said...

dating my brother is turning you french isn't it? Hence, the fleur de lis keychain, lol. It's okay to admit. It's happening to Alex. He bought fleur de lis boxers and is now learning french.